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Release Dates

May 18, 2021 (Mobile)
March 14, 2023 (Steam)
October 26, 2023 (Nintendo Switch)
TBC 2024 and beyond (Playstation)


Steam, Mobile




Super Spin Digital (Melbourne, Australia)


$19.99 USD (Steam)


Enter the Rhythm Dimension!

Spin Rhythm XD is a kinetic rhythm action game with smooth controls, hand-crafted levels and stunning reactive backgrounds.

A homage to classic arcade rhythm games (Guitar Hero, DDR), with a modern aesthetic and soundtrack. Match colours and beats, spin, tap, flick and flow through the juiciest beats in the universe.

Spin Rhythm XD has a deep commitment to accessibility, supporting multiple control styles including MIDI DJ gear on Steam!

Featuring over 60 licensed and original tracks by Hyper Potions, Nitro Fun, Haywyre, Au5, Camellia, Anamanaguchi, Panda Eyes, Teminite, Pegboard Nerds, Akira Complex, Tokyo Machine, meganeko, Anomalie, Lena Raine, 2Mello, Moe Shop and more.


Super Spin Digital (SSD) is an independent game developer based in Melbourne, Australia, dedicated to bringing the golden age of gaming fun into the future.

Formed from Super Entertainment developers Steve and Shath who first met at Halfbrick Studios working together in "The Ninja Pack" - the creators of Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride, SSD has brought together a small team of talent from across Australia to produce our dream rhythm game.

We were huge fans of Guitar Hero, Dance Dance Revolution and Rock Band, and want Spin Rhythm to feel like the spiritual successor to these classic rhythm games with a contemporary aesthetic and soundtrack.

SSD is excited to be launching Spin Rhythm XD, a colourful, accessible EDM rhythm game with fluid analogue controls and hand-crafted levels. Grab your DJ controller, phone, mouse or controller and join the rhythm revolution.


  • Spin, tap, scratch and flow through the juiciest beats in the universe.
  • Explore a new dimension of rhythm with old-school analogue precision.
  • Play handmade levels that perfectly match the music with difficulty settings to suit all levels of experience.
  • Featuring 60 licensed and original tunes by Nitro Fun, Hyper Potions, Camellia, Haywyre, Subtact, Panda Eyes, Teminite, Tut Tut Child, Kitty, Maxo, Pegboard Nerds, Tristam, Rogue, and more.
  • Build your own levels with our fully featured custom level editor.
  • Play your way! SRXD supports gamepad, keyboard and mouse and even real MIDI DJ gear for a next level rhythm gaming experience.



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    Logo & Icons

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    Selected Articles & Quotes

    • "Spin Rhythm stands out and consolidates itself as one of the best experiences available in rhythm games" (from translation)
    • - Gustavo Souza, GameBlast
    • "One of the best rhythm games I have ever played - it's so so good!"
    • - Mollie Taylor, PC Gamer (Via YouTube)
    • "This is going to be my forever plane game. I'm going to be playing this on the plane all the damn time."
    • - Tim Gettys, Kinda Funny
    • "This is is something you haven't experienced in rhythm games yet, I guarantee it."
    • - Tracey Peterson, The MIX
    • "It’s a game of minimal distraction and high precision, designed to make you feel absolutely connected to the track you’re playing."
    • - Joe Skrebels, IGN AU
    • "Spin Rhythm works hard to create an arcade-like experience while feeling not quite like any other game I’ve ever played, and achieves both things flawlessly."
    • - Joe DeVader, Nintendo World Report
    • "It’s properly magic. Spin Rhythm XD is an all time great rhythm game".
    • - Liam Richardson, Rock Paper Shotgun
    • "Evoking a Golden Era of garish arcade rhythm excess, I don’t know that I’ve seen a game so conscious of its inheritance or more willing to take up that tradition and move it forward."
    • - Jerry Holkins, Penny Arcade
    • "A promising and unique rhythm game in a genre that rarely changes, and it’s a welcome change"
    • - Kyo Akiara, Save or Quit
    • "The mechanics are incredibly fun and fresh, it feels like a lot of great rhythm games but manages to carve its own niche"
    • - Three Minute Gaming
    • "The game boasts a sense of energy that makes it comparable to both Guitar Hero and DDR in spirit and visual"
    • - Iain Harris, Poketgamer.biz
    • "If you're into rhythm games, then this one is hand-tailored for you"
    • - Felicity Case-Mejia, The Music (magazine)
    • "It's incredible how natural the game feels"
    • - Stephen del Prado, Player2.net
    • "Spin Rhythm is the rhythm game I never knew I wanted"
    • - David Thomas, PointNClick
    • "This is absolutely the most approachable and satisfyingly deep indie music title out there"
    • - Justin Nation Nindie Spotlight
    • "The brilliance lies in its simplicity, making the game fun for newcomers and offering depth for enthusiasts."
    • - Omi Koulas Checkpoint Gaming
    • "Spin Rhythm XD absolutely nails the sense of flow."
    • - Robert Allen, Tech Gaming
    • "If this is your first time playing a rhythm game, I’m envious. If you’re an old pro at them, get ready for something different but very enjoyable."
    • - Jeff Ramos, Polygon
    • "Spin Rhythm nails the sensation of flow with flair, it feels more like playing an instrument than other rhythm games"
    • - Jen Simpkins, Edge Magazine (Dec 2018 issue)
    • "Right off the bat having played the game, my blood is pumping, my heart is racing..."
    • - Robert Kijowski, The Workprint
    • "Spin Rhythm XD is just magical. My short 3 minute session with my first song felt like an eternity of bliss."
    • - Miguel Moran, Nintendo Enthusiast
    • "I haven't had a similar pleasure with a rhythm game in a long time" (from translation)
    • - Benja Hiller, Welcome To Last Week
    • "Hands down the best rhythm action game of the last decade!"
    • - Edmond Tran, Gamespot (Via Twitter)
    • "Mechanically unique and completely and utterly fantastic - a bold step forward for the genre and one of the best games I've played all year"
    • - Liam Richardson, Seven Out Of Ten (YouTube)
    • "The whole world needs to be playing this right now!"
    • - Darcy Smith, League of Geeks
    • "It's a beautifully elegant control system, and makes you feel genuinely connected to the music"
    • - Andy Kelly, PC Powerplay (December 2018 issue)
    • "Spin Rhythm is fast, it’s flashy, and most importantly, playing it makes you want to bust a move"
    • - Edith W-K, Checkpoint Gaming
    • "A music game that actually feels like you’re playing music"
    • - Eli Hodapp, TouchArcade

    Spin Rhythm Game Credits

      Super Spin Digital Developers

      Stephen Last (@stephen_last)

      Shath Maguire (@shathatron)

      Dave Curro (@daverwob)

      Additional Programming & Design

      Sierra Asher (@sierraasher)

      David Little (@david_e_little)

      Will Goddard (@willgoddardau)